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First Baptist Church
Sunday, April 21, 2019



Pastor's Article from JANUARY 2019 Newsletter:


Dear Church Family,

Welcome to 2019! What a privilege to be alive and to be available to the Lord in 2019! Every new year is a reminder of God’s Grace to us! Thank you Lord that we can have this time to worship and work for You!
    In 1523, an English animal trainer named John Fitzherbert said, "
The dog must be trained when he is a whelp, or else it will not be [trained]; for it is hard to make an old dog [find a new scent]."  Today, we put it this way: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  That’s a widely quoted adage, but as a minister of the Gospel, I have to believe that it is wrong!
    The Grace of God can be poured into an “old dog’s” heart and soul and they can be changed from the inside out.  I’ve seen it!  People who have been living a sinful lifestyle can get in touch with the blood of Jesus and put their sin aside. A New Year is a great time to do that!  For instance, this could be the year when you
read through the Bible for the first time. Or, this could be the year when you discover your spiritual gift and put it to use in the church.  This could be the year when you become a DiscipleMaker and you work with a newer believer. Or, this may be the year when you are discipled for the first time! 2019 is a great year for you to begin singing in the choir, teaching a Bible study, joining the FAITH outreach team or going on a mission trip!
Our community needs us to be a strong, vibrant, Bible-preaching, people –loving congregation. This is the year for you to find your ministry and your gift and put them to use. The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ Himself will help you do it! Computer skills, carpentry, painting, lawn care or vehicle maintenance are all things that can be given to God.
     Ever heard of Discovery Channel’s
Mythbusters? The show’s hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage like to take on old sayings like “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” and test them. So, they found a pair of 7-yr-old, mature Alaskan malamutes, Bobo and Cece, who didn't know any tricks at all. Malamutes are known to be stubborn dogs and these two dogs were 50-years-old (in human years).  But guess what?  After 4 days of training, Bobo and Cece could heel, sit, lie down, stay, and shake upon command from Jamie and Adam. Their conclusion: Myth busted. You can teach old dogs new tricks.
2019 can be the year when you learn many new things as a Christ-follower and it’s the year you put them into practice! AMEN?
Bro Jonathan